Are you tired of watching your favorite guitar players have all of the fun?

Now is the time to become the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be


Do you want to learn guitar but don’t know where to begin?
Do you already know how to play but are looking to make massive improvements in your guitar playing?
Are you looking for the best guitar lessons for your son or daughter?

At Stuart Butler School of Guitar you’ll get to:

► Be part of program that gets you the results you're looking for,

► Get Training that will eliminate bad habits and avoid years of frustration,

► Develop a strong musical foundation,

► Learn life lessons and instill values that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

As a guitar teacher, I am fully aware of the Challenges that all guitar players experience.  It’s from this information that I’ve developed the most effective guitar lessons designed to not only get you consistent results, but save you time and money by eliminating the tedious trial and error approach and the risk of receiving ineffective guitar lessons.  If you are looking to get real results and fast progress you have come to the right place.

Here at Stuart Butler School of Guitar, we know what is required for you to become successful with your guitar playing and achieve the goals you have for yourself.  We understand that you have a reason for wanting to learn guitar and we are here to make sure that you learn everything that applies to that goal.  There is no reason to waste time on activities that do not help you with your ultimate goal!

Some of the most important steps to becoming a great guitar player are looked over by other guitar teachers, but you can know for sure that when you take lessons with us, you will be getting everything you need.

Lessons: You will learn new content and how things work.
Training: You will learn to use the things you have learned and work at improving everything you know.
Coaching: You will get help with setting up practice routines and have someone there every step of the way letting you know what to focus on when to focus on it and for how long.
Mentoring: Somewhere there to help guide you with your wants and needs as a musician to help you get where you truly desire to be one step at a time.

Here at Stuart Butler School of Guitar, you will have lesson plans designed to not only make you progress quicklybut one that fits your needs as a guitarist.  It already takes time to learn guitar, so there is no reason to waste your time learning things that do not apply to your future goals.  We understand that and design lesson plans specifically for you so that you can achieve your goals as fast as possible.

To get the best progress from your guitar playing, you need an action plan. Here at Stuart Butler School of Guitar, you get coaching in how you should be practicing and with creating a practice schedule that will suit your needs so that you can achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible!  This is not something to be over looked and is a very important part of development in all stages of guitar playing from early beginner to advanced guitar playing.  Great guitar players only become great because they have an efficient plan of action every time they pick up the guitar to practice.

Learning new techniques or licks simply is not enough to make you a great guitarist.  It takes time and practice to work up your skills with anything new that you learn, and that’s not even mentioning the time it takes to implement these skills into the rest of your guitar playing!  At Stuart Butler School of Guitar you get special training sessions to not only make sure you’re getting in the time and practice, but to make sure it is as efficient as possible. We ensure this by having an instructor there to help you work through any problems you may have as well as point out problem areas you may not be aware of.    


You will also have access to a mentor to help you with any of your musical needs.  You may find other complications past just learning to play guitar that you’d like guidance in and we are here to give you all the help you’ll need to find solutions to any problems related to your musical goals!

"Stuart is very patient and doesn't rush through the allotted hour just to complete a lesson he is very diligent about assisting each student to work through their individual problem areas.  I love the time he takes with each individual lesson!"
           -Jennifer Yates

"I am a new guitar student and started taking lessons from Stuart in March 2015.  He is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful.  Stuart is a great teacher and I enjoy my lessons and would highly recommend him!"
         -Mary Ann Wylie

"I love the patience that Stuart has with my son. I would recommend him for anyone of any age wanting to learn guitar!"               -Kelly Reynolds

"I like the way that Stuart teaches. It's easy to learn from him and he's very good at making sure his students understand what they are learning!"                        -Brody Reynolds